Day 3: Cooking Class

Every Monday, Grossmama’s three daughters come to her house to help.  They do laundry and clean, and anything else that needs doing.  Grossmama always prepares a big mittag essen (lunch) for them, which was a perfect opportunity for Lisa and I to have a cooking lesson.

As she cooked, we watched and guessed on measurements as we wrote her recipes down.

I love Grossmama’s hands, the story they tell and the example they give. (A post with more details on this topic later)

Tradition dictates that whenever dinner is special everyone can find a little piece of chocolate on their napkin. This lovely dinner consists of boiled potatoes, salad, kohlrabi, and sliced pork with a yummy brown sauce.  I can now make it all  – almost as tasty as Grossmama does.


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