Day 3: Trummelbach Falle

After mittag essen, the Aunts shooed us on our way for our first adventure.  We headed by train to a little town called Lauterbrunnen, and from there to an even smaller town by bus.  Our destination was Trummelbach Falle, a series of waterfalls roaring through a mountain. (at a speed of up to 20,000 liters per second)

We took the lift up to, walked to the top and then back down through the mountain.  It was amazing to see how the water had carved a path right through the middle of a massive ROCK mountain.

This water is flowing fast and FURIOUS!

It was so loud, Lisa and I had to shout to hear each other.

This next water fall was completely inside the mountain.  If it hadn’t been lit it would have been pitch black.  I used my tripod on most of these pictures, without it they never would have been sharp – it was so dark.

I nearly scared Lisa to death here, she was turned around looking at the falls a ways ahead of me, so when I caught up I hollered to get her attention, (the water was really loud!) and she jumped a mile because she hadn’t heard me approach her… I thought it was funny but I tried not to laugh because she didn’t.

Me in the middle of the mountain, looking only slightly concerned.

This was certainly one of the highlights of our trip!


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