Day 4: Sezegnin

Tuesday we traveled to Sezegnin, the little village where my Aunt Nelli and Uncle Pierre live. It is only a mile or so from the Swiss/France border, and an hour’s bus ride from Geneva.

Geneva is Lisa’s favorite city in Switzerland (Bern is mine), because when Lisa was 16, she lived with Nelli and Pierre for a year as an exchange student.  She learned French attending the local high school, and had a great experience.  Since Geneva is her favorite place in Switzerland, and she has a special connection with Nelli and Pierre, Sezegnin and Geneva were on our itinerary.

On the way there, we stopped in Lausanne to explore and have a picnic, the lake is lovely and I found these super neat paddle boats.  I took this picture to show my boys, “This is what we’ll do when I take you guys to Switzerland.”  They can’t wait!

We continued on our journey without mishap until we got off the train in Geneva.

In Geneva construction was everywhere requiring the city to move around all the bus stops, which meant we got a little lost.  I should say I was completely lost since I never knew where I was to begin with, and Lisa was just a little lost – and confused, “I know the bus stop used to be here…”

Eventually we did make it out to Sezegnin.  We dined like queens on Raclette, a traditional swiss dish. (I am realizing that I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of the food, I was just so busy eating it…..)

Raclette is actually a kind of cheese.  This cheese is melted and then scraped onto boiled potatoes.  Nelli served smoked meat and salad with the Raclette.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is one of my favorite meals.

After dinner we went on a walk.  Clark’s only request of me was that I take pictures of the grapevines for him.  He grows grapes in our back yard and I guess wanted to see how the experts do it?

It was the least I could do and Nelli was happy to show me one of her neighbor’s vineyard.


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Sezegnin

  1. You and Clark should really come visit me. I live in Vineyard country! And, incidentally, right next to a vineyard which we walk through frequently… Looks like you had a fabulous trip! Looking forward to reading more…..

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