Day 4: A symphony

After walking past the grapevines we split up and I continued on by myself.

I found a slug;

two donkeys and a goat.  I  walked along a wanderweg trail across a field and through the forest.  As I was crossing the field, in the distance I saw a small animal on the trail coming toward me.  I stopped.  It didn’t.  I kept snapping picture after picture, sure it would see me and turn off the trail any minute!  Eventually it saw me and did stop, and a few seconds later disappeared into the grass.  I was surprised by how close it came to me though.




Mr. Fox

I walked by a beautiful pond;

Took a picture of the evening sun;

And walked by a herd of cows, grazing on some grass.

The cows in Switzerland all wear bells.  This creates a most melodious sound as they graze, all swinging their heads, ringing their bells at the same time.  To add to the beauty of the moment, the song birds were singing goodbye to the day, while the crickets welcomed the night with their chirping.   A perfect symphony, just for me.


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