Day 5: The Gurten

I was anxious to get back to Bern because I wanted to take the little train up the Gurten.  The Gurten is the large hill outside of the city.  It offers great views, and I wanted to go up there in the evening and try my hand at a panorama, or at least a great picture of Bern.

It was not to be.

The sky was overcast with none of the magical evening light, the views were great, but not right for my living room wall.  So we went up, walked around, I took a few pictures that I later threw away, and we went back to Grossmama and Grosspapa’s.

The rails down the hill.























Me in the train

A little fun in the elevator up to Grossmama’s apartment.


One thought on “Day 5: The Gurten

  1. You took some amazing photos over there! I wish very much that I could have gone with you guys. I’m enjoying it through your lens though, thanks for the great posts!

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