Grossmama’s mind is sharp, it’s her 95 year old body that makes her life hard.  She has constant back pain, although I’d never have known it, she always had a smile on for me.

My sweet Grossmama is my inspiration.  She gets up every morning, gets dressed in a nice skirt and apron and has an apple for breakfast with a freshly squeezed orange/lemon/grapefruit drink.  While she eats her apple, she writes in her journal.

I don’t know what she writes about since from my perspective not too many exciting things happen very often, but she still writes.

Then she reads her scriptures.

Grossmama prepares the meals every day and does the dishes.  When she isn’t doing that, she works on her cards – either making them or writing in them.  She sends a hand made card to every child, grandchild, and spouse for their birthday.

When she isn’t working on cards, which isn’t very often since she even works on them when she watches TV, she quilts or knits.  And every evening Grossmama and Grosspapa play Eile Mit Viele together.

We had family prayer together every night before bed, and every evening she shows her dedication to Heavenly Father by kneeling in prayer.  She can barely get down on her knees, and barely get back up, but she kneels.  She kneels every night.   I have to admit, I would have sat while everyone else knelt.

Grossmama is so industrious.  She never just sits.  Her hands are always busy doing, making, helping, or creating.  I love her hands.  Someday I want my hands to tell a similar story of good that her hands do.

It was so hard to say goodbye.  But I am so thankful that I could say goodbye.  I am so lucky that I could be there to make these special memories.  To take a few pictures,  show and receive love,  cook together, wash dishes together, laugh together, cry together, pray together, and play together.  What a special week it was.

I may never see them again in this life but if I don’t I will be all the more excited to see them in the next!


One thought on “Grossmama

  1. Thank you Lillie for posting these pictures of your Grossmama and Grosspapa. It was nice to see them via pictures and feel closer to them through your description.

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