We started the summer with six cute kittens.

We gave away two in June to a friend, leaving these four.

Four is too many cats, so we  put an ad up online and found homes for two more.

I wanted to keep this one, but at this point I was a little desperate to find homes for them, so if someone wanted one of the kittens, they could have their pick.

Now we just have two – the lucky kitties that we will probably keep.

This is Bobcat, he was born with a deformed, short tail.

We also kept a pure black kitten that we call midnight the second, after her mother.


One thought on “Kittens

  1. Cute! But we’re already overrun with cats. . . We’re trying to get rid of them too. 🙂 😛 Let’s see. . . we have 7 kittens and 5 adults. More than half of which are girls!

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