In school Ben’s teacher read the class a book called Roxaboxen.

It is a charming story of a group of kids that created a little town out of a few rocks and boxes, and a whole lot of imagination.

The kids made main street, and then they each made a house.  They made stores and restaurants, and had a mayor and police man.

Then they played.  They rode stick horses and drove cars (all you needed was a steering wheel of some sort) got speeding tickets, and held wars.

That very day Ben and his friend came home and started building their own Roxaboxen.  Every day for weeks the first thing I heard from Ben in the afternoon was, “can I go outside and play Roxaboxen?”

All I heard about was Roxaboxen this and Roxaboxen that, finally I had to go down the back hill and see what all the fuss was about.  I was impressed.  You will be too……


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