Hannah’s Birthday

Sweet Hannah turned four today!

We had a little misunderstanding  regarding her presents this morning.  She asked when she could open them – I told her after breakfast we would do her hair and then we could open presents.   She only heard the after breakfast part, so as soon as she was done eating (while Clark and I were still getting ready for the day) the kids had a present opening party all by themselves.  So unfortunately I have no pictures of her opening her gifts, and we missed all the squeals and smiles when she discovered her new treasures.  I was so disappointed, but  I’ll sure be more specific next time!

Here she is with her loot.


Hannah wanted a “Tangled” cake and thanks to google images, she got one.


Make a wish Hannah dear, and have a great 4th year!



3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Birthday

  1. Yay Lillie!!!!!! I love love love seeing pictures of my nieces and nephews! I hope there will be a lot of new posts for me to ooo and aaah over. Let’s try and skype today!

  2. Happy birthday hannah!!! Now Sami wants a cool Rapunzel cake too- so CUTE!! Watch for a package in the mail for all of your summer birthdays.

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