The Details

You saw the first day’s work here, three walls done.

I have to insert that my lifesaver in this project included this great paint and primer combo which covered the yucky walls in ONE coat.  A miracle if you ask me – I was dreading having to do it all once – let alone twice!

Great paint with the help of Mr. Power Roller made the job a snap! Well, almost a snap.

At the end of day 2 the walls were all done except some trim work around the doors.

The person that painted the goldenrod color liked it so much they painted the sides of the trim too, which meant I got to paint all the trim on day three.

Day three was probably the hardest day, I painted the trim around the doors, and the ceiling joint twice so by the time Clark was home from work my arms were jello.  He saved the day by painting the big orange beam across the middle of the ceiling for me.  At the end of the day it looked like this:

Such an improvement!

On day’s 4-7 I was lazy (tired and soar) and didn’t take any pictures.  On 4 and 5 Clark and I put down the laminate section of the floor.  He had to work the first day, so after helping me prep the floor and giving me a crash course on how to operate a table saw, I was on my own.  I worked all afternoon and then together we worked all evening until we’d finished half of the floor.

Day 5 included lots of Ibprofin for my aches and pains and finishing the laminate.

Days 6 and 7 were fabulous!  The carpet layers came did their thing and we were left with this:

Amazing, yes?

And after putting all our stuff back this is what it looks like:

Let me give you the tour

The art, science, summer school, play dough, coloring, creative area:

The dancing, running, sliding, jumping, twirling, fun area:

The Movie watching, Wii playing, Exercising Area:

The toy area:

And the ping pong/ future scrapbook area:

The plan for this area is to build a scrapbook nook against the left wall just like my old one:

That is one of our many winter projects.

So what do you think?  Isn’t this:

An improvement over this?

I sure think so!


11 thoughts on “The Details

  1. That looks awesome!! I love that you and Clark did that together- you do great work! Do you hire out? The ping pong table speaks to Kade- He wants to come even more now!!

  2. wow! great work you’ve done. i have to say i’m incredibly jealous of the amazing outdoors you live in. looks like it’s just outside your window from the looks of one of those pictures! got a house for sale on your street???

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