So the great thing about Roxaboxen is how much fun the kids had owning a great project, and using their imaginations.

Main Street

The gang in Kade’s house.

The museum

Speed marker :Slow

Ben was the police officer in the beginning, but then retired and became a shop keeper.

Ben’s motorcycle shop.

Roxaboxen currency (flat rocks and snail shells)

The little brothers chillin’ in their house.

And my favorite, Ben in his home away from home.

So much fun, it makes me think of the make-believe games I used to play in our backyard growing up….



In school Ben’s teacher read the class a book called Roxaboxen.

It is a charming story of a group of kids that created a little town out of a few rocks and boxes, and a whole lot of imagination.

The kids made main street, and then they each made a house.  They made stores and restaurants, and had a mayor and police man.

Then they played.  They rode stick horses and drove cars (all you needed was a steering wheel of some sort) got speeding tickets, and held wars.

That very day Ben and his friend came home and started building their own Roxaboxen.  Every day for weeks the first thing I heard from Ben in the afternoon was, “can I go outside and play Roxaboxen?”

All I heard about was Roxaboxen this and Roxaboxen that, finally I had to go down the back hill and see what all the fuss was about.  I was impressed.  You will be too……


We packed a lunch and set off on a trail I’ve never hiked before!  I love exploring new trails, and this one was great!  We hiked in along a stream for 2 1/2 miles, ate, played in the water, and then hiked back out.  The kids did well – all fun and no complaining –  equals a successful outing!  Yeah!

Jacob’s Cow Camp

We took the kids camping a few weeks ago and since it was this guy’s

first ever camping trip we named the camp after him.  Since we slept near a herd of bovine, we also named our camp after them.

My boys love fire!  Building fires, feeding fires, stoking a fire, watching the fire, cooking on the fire, playing with the fire, basically if it has to do with fire they love it.

Look at these dirty kids!!

Of course the best part of camping is sleeping in the tent, but the kids also had fun setting up the tent, and playing in it.

No “R” family camp out is complete without a little music!

Most of the time my littlest monkey was happy in his cage watching the excitement, but I did let him out a few times – until I got tired of keeping him out of the cow pies!

Camping is a TON of work, but I look forward to doing it more often now that my “littles” are getting bigger.

Fun at the Zoo

We met up with my Aunt, a cousin I haven’t seen in years, and Devin, Jenny and the twins for a day at the zoo.

We started the day with a ride on the Zoo Train.



Then stopped to see the gorillas.

Hannah and Lindsey shared a ride and a snack.

The zoo has dinosaurs throughout that growl and spray water on kids who get too close.  My kids loved these!

Trying to look scared

“Help!  We’re being eaten alive!”

Before we left, we cooled off with some ice cream cones 🙂

It was a great day!  Thanks Freni!!

Up the Canyon

One of our favorite family activities is to go to our favorite spot up the canyon and roast hot dogs.

Jacob stays safe and out of the cow pies by spending most of the time in his portable crib.  He is usually happy in his cage watching his siblings play.

Both of my boys love fire.  They are actually pretty proficient fire starters, and they are the official “add-wood-to-the-fire-boys”

Ben had a slight mishap with these marshmallows – I don’t think that stopped him from eating them though.

Grandpa and Grandma were visiting and got to come up the canyon with us.

My cute watermelon girl.

And even though it wasn’t taken up the canyon, here is a picture of Hannah and Grandma.

Bear Lake

We met up with Devin & Family and Lisa & Tia for a day of fun at Bear Lake.  The weather was perfect for us Alaskans, cool and overcast.

My kids were all buried and this is their “I’m dead” face.  Some of them were more convincing than others, but I think they all look pretty funny!

Jacob loved the sand, so much so that he had sand for lunch.

Hannah and the twins after a swim.

The crazies!

I’m so glad they are such great friends!