The peaches are on!

Now if we can just beat this guy and his friends to the fruit…


The Corn Maze part 3

Ha! You thought I was done with the corn maze adventure –  didn’t you?

Not quite done.  You see, five years ago we went to the same corn maze, and did the same activities – with one child.

But surprisingly that one child had fun doing the same thing again five years later:

Playing in the corn,

Riding the go carts,

and measuring himself.

He’s grown a lot in five years, hasn’t he?

Fall Break

We drove to a BYU owned ranch on an oasis in the middle of a desert about an hours drive from St George.  We spent the day there with some friends of ours.  The kids got a handcart ride;

We picked pomegranates, apples, some pistachios, and had a hot-dog roast for lunch.

After lunch we played in the stream.  My kids could have played in the water for hours.  They chased little fish,  made mud channels to divert the water, and walked up stream to see what there was to see.

Little Jacob mostly hung out in his car seat.

On the way back to St. George we picked up dinner, and the kids played in the hotel pool in-between bites of their meal.  In the morning they swam again until time to check out, and then we headed home.

Autumn Colors

One of our family traditions is to take a drive through the mountains to admire the autumn colors.  This year we loaded everyone up in the truck for a drive and picnic.

I challenged the little people to see how many colors of leaves they could find.

They did pretty good!

There is something kids just love about riding in the back of a pick up truck.  I used to love it when my dad let me ride in the back, and my three thought is was a great adventure to ride in the back through the back country.  I must admit, the view was significantly better that when one is stuffed in the back seat of a truck!

What are your autumn traditions?