Reptile show

For the cub scouts boys and activity day girls we had a local organization come and do a reptile show in my backyard.  Since it was at my house, naturally all my kids were able to participate 🙂

A iguana that had spent time with a taxidermist was  passed around.

Daniel with some crocodile skin.

Eric (the reptile guy) brought a live turtle, snake and a few lizards that everyone got to pet.

Fun activity!


The wind storm

Our neighbors had four giant blue spruce trees that shaded our yard in the summer time.  Now they have one.

The others blew down in a terrible wind storm.

It was amazing how fast neighbors came to help take care of the wreckage.  I think we must have had about 10 – 12 people help.

Working men:

Working Boys:

All chopped up.

Lining up the branches to haul to the dump.

All done!

My Monkey

Ben has always loved to climb.  Trees, the column downstairs, really anything it is possible for a monkey to climb, he climbs.  I am amazed at how high he can climb the rope swing.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall!

Do as I’m doing, follow, follow me

I love having baby chicks!

This is the first time we’ve had a hen hatch a batch for us, and I’ve got to say, it’s the best.

The little chicks follow mama hen where ever she goes, and do what ever she does.

She pecks, they peck.

She scratches the dirt, they scratch the dirt.

They walk around the yard pecking and scratching all day.

Today I was watching them and mama dealt an immobilizing peck to a grasshopper and then stepped back so her babies could enjoy the prize.

Mama & Babies

They enjoyed it all right.


Playing outside

It’s finally cool enough for the kids to play outside in the evening while I experiment with my camera.  I’ve been shooting in manual mode since labor day, with great results (IMO)  I like shooting manual, and I feel like I have advanced to 2nd grade in my photography schooling. Yeah!

Now for the pictures!


Hannah’s favorite place to play is the little garden box in the back yard.  She loves picking up dirt and letting it run through her fingers, or putting it in other places. ie: outside the box, in the wheel barrow, a tub…  you get the idea.


That’s my girl!

My girl