As you probably read below, part of Ben’s birthday party included a magic show. Part of that magic show included a trick in which the kids (each equipped with their own wand) helped Clark cut a banana into slices while it was still in the peel. Then of course Clark peeled the banana and behold, magically sliced.

Fast forward to the morning after the party, and Ben comes into our bedroom asking if he can have some leftover birthday cake for breakfast. I tell him sure, after he eats a banana, and then roll over to catch another 10 minutes of sleep. As I lay there, I become aware of someone talking in the kitchen. I strain to hear, thinking maybe Daniel has gotten up too, but no, it is Ben, “Abra Cadabra, Hocus Pocus, Alacazam!!!”

A few minutes pass and Ben comes back into our room, this time in tears. “Mom, my magic wand doesn’t work! It won’t cut up my banana!” Oh, to believe in Magic.

Ben the Jedi

Last Friday, Ben attended his friend’s 5-year-old birthday party.
It had a Star Wars theme, and all the guest were invited to bring their light sabers. He had a great time. The boys used The Force to open the garage door, and after several attempts, they successfully managed to lift it (thanks to the garage door opener in his Dad’s pocket.) When the door opened, ominous music began to play and out stepped Darth Vader!
The young Jedis whipped out their light sabers and soon had Darth cornered in the garage, here he surrendered with a photo op.
Ben came home yesterday with this photo. “Dad, can you put this up on the computer for my cousins to see?” he asked. How could I refuse? With a little bit of help from a Google image search, photoshop, and iTunes, it’s even better. (click here for the full effect.)


We’ve had a number of other celebrations around our house recently, but we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to tell you about them.

For Lillie’s birthday, we celebrated with a strawberry cheesecake (I grew the strawberries all by myself!) Most of her birthday presents were scrapbooking supplies, although I helped Ben get the present he wanted to give her: “Licorice and Chocolate.”

Our Independence Day picnic turned out to be quite successful, thanks to Lisa’s festive decorations and everyone’s fabulous food. Mom Lucas was able to enjoy the holiday with all three of her daughters.

A few days later, it was my turn to grow older. Lillie made me a fresh strawberry pie with real whipped cream. YUM!! I’ll be busy with the reading material I received for the next several months.