Jacob’s Cow Camp

We took the kids camping a few weeks ago and since it was this guy’s

first ever camping trip we named the camp after him.  Since we slept near a herd of bovine, we also named our camp after them.

My boys love fire!  Building fires, feeding fires, stoking a fire, watching the fire, cooking on the fire, playing with the fire, basically if it has to do with fire they love it.

Look at these dirty kids!!

Of course the best part of camping is sleeping in the tent, but the kids also had fun setting up the tent, and playing in it.

No “R” family camp out is complete without a little music!

Most of the time my littlest monkey was happy in his cage watching the excitement, but I did let him out a few times – until I got tired of keeping him out of the cow pies!

Camping is a TON of work, but I look forward to doing it more often now that my “littles” are getting bigger.



To conclude the camping pictures, I leave you with my favorite shot of the weekend.



Family Campout cont.

So, do you want the revised version, or the truth?

Well, if it’s the revised version you are after, skip to where the pictures start.

The truth is that I didn’t sleep much.  Neither did Hannah.  Or Clark.  I don’t know why she woke up, but she was up for a very long time.  We fed her, watered her, changed her, rocked her, snuggled her, and even dosed her up with some Motrin, just in case we had missed something, but she just wanted to cry. And cry. And cry.  Frankly it was one of the worst nights of my entire life.  She finally fell asleep as the sun was coming up.

I was just thankful that

1. She hadn’t woken the boys, and

2. That our friends the Smiths that were camping with us had pitched their tent clear across the meadow from us, and (I hoped) weren’t up all night too.

But as I said, the sun did rise, and Clark build a nice fire to take the chill out of the morning.  He cooked a great breakfast, and we enjoyed the day.



Camp out

My boys love to camp. They love everything about camping. They are actually quite proficient campers for their tender ages. So, last night we let them do their first solo camp out – all by themselves without adult accompaniment.

In their bedroom.

Looks cozy doesn’t it?

Expectations vs Reality

We’ve been looking forward to our first family campout of the year for some time. Alas, the weather has been so cold this spring, we were concerned that our children would freeze at night. We decided to head south toward St. George where the overnight lows were predicted to be in the low 50’s instead of the low 30’s. However, the weatherman doesn’t always know what he is talking about and we froze anyway. I checked the temperature at 7:30 the next morning, and it was 44 degrees. We still had a great time though. We found a stream that the boys amused themselves throwing rocks into.
Daniel discovered watermelon and consumed about 3lbs that evening. Clark made a great dutch oven dinner of pork chops and potatoes, which we topped off with smores. We all snuggled down in our tent. Sleeping in a tent is almost as great as Disneyland for our boys, and much cheaper too.
By lunchtime the next day we had exhausted the activities in our area, with the hot sun directly overhead and no shade we decided to pack up a little early and head home. We had planned on stopping for dinner and playing at a park on the way, but once again we were fouled by the weather. There is nothing like a howling wind to ruin a picnic. When we arrived home, we enjoyed the nicest weather since leaving, 70 degrees, and calm. So, the expectation was for a
wonderful time with great weather, and the reality was the weather didn’t cooperate, but we
still had a pretty good time. When we asked Ben
what his favorite part of the campout was he said without hesitation, “roasting marshmellows”.