So the great thing about Roxaboxen is how much fun the kids had owning a great project, and using their imaginations.

Main Street

The gang in Kade’s house.

The museum

Speed marker :Slow

Ben was the police officer in the beginning, but then retired and became a shop keeper.

Ben’s motorcycle shop.

Roxaboxen currency (flat rocks and snail shells)

The little brothers chillin’ in their house.

And my favorite, Ben in his home away from home.

So much fun, it makes me think of the make-believe games I used to play in our backyard growing up….



In school Ben’s teacher read the class a book called Roxaboxen.

It is a charming story of a group of kids that created a little town out of a few rocks and boxes, and a whole lot of imagination.

The kids made main street, and then they each made a house.  They made stores and restaurants, and had a mayor and police man.

Then they played.  They rode stick horses and drove cars (all you needed was a steering wheel of some sort) got speeding tickets, and held wars.

That very day Ben and his friend came home and started building their own Roxaboxen.  Every day for weeks the first thing I heard from Ben in the afternoon was, “can I go outside and play Roxaboxen?”

All I heard about was Roxaboxen this and Roxaboxen that, finally I had to go down the back hill and see what all the fuss was about.  I was impressed.  You will be too……

Soccer Season

Wow!  October’s almost over and I haven’t blogged once!   – I spent the first week in the month getting ready for our trip to Great Exuma, Bahama;  the second week was our get-away; third week, recovering from our vacation, and now that the month is nearly over,  I’m finally ready to blog again!

We enjoyed a great soccer season, both Ben and Dan played.  Ben’s team was undefeated!


Sorry for the lack of blog posts, it’s been busy around here!  We’ve got both older boys in soccer, have been dehydrating nectarines, peaches and pears like crazy, and then the rest of our extra time has been spent researching which of the “out islands”  of the Bahamas we want to go to for our 6 day get-away in three weeks.  Yes, it’s almost time to celebrate TEN great years of marriage!  I can’t wait!!! – I mean it – I get giddy just thinking about 6 blissful, romantic, peaceful, fun, relaxing, and adventurous days with my Honey –  and without my offspring.

But that’s beside the point.  The point is that I’m going to keep trying to catch up this blog.  I’ve been running at least one month behind  well, for months.

School started weeks ago.  This year Ben is in 2nd grade, Dan in Kindergarten, and Hannah is in preschool three mornings a week,  They are all enjoying their new academic adventures, and I am enjoying a little more time to get things done.

Here they are, on Dan’s first day getting on the school bus.

And here he is, all smiles at the end of his first day.

Daniel turns Five

A short six days after Jacob turned one, Daniel had a birthday too.  Five years old this year and starting kindergarten.

A snake cake.

Blow Dan!


A magic show put on by our resident magician.

And opening gifts from his friends.  It’s great to be five!


My kids love the rain.  Since we live in a desert, rain is a reason to celebrate.

I love that neither foot is touching the ground.

The favorite rain game is chasing objects down the gutter in front of the house.

Can you find the little man?

Don’t ask me why they are wearing winter coats – It wasn’t cold at all.