Ever since Hannah received this Cinderella dress-up-dress for her birthday it has been her outfit of choice.

Isn’t she cute?  I’m so glad I have a daughter!!!


In the Yard

Jacob loves to play outside but needs constant supervision so sometimes I bring a book out to read and sometimes I bring out my camera to play with.  This was one of the camera days.

Everyone wants to play with my reflector – even the cat!

11 month old Jacob

And a lily bud.  I love taking pictures of flowers, but I haven’t done it much this summer.

A lily in bloom,

Miss Hannah

I took Hannah with me to buy some flowers to photograph, and she fell in love with a PINK flower she saw (surprise surprise).  I told her we would get it if she would let me take some picture of her holding her flower.

Here are my favorites:

If life is like a classroom,

my children are my teachers.

I’d like to introduce them.

Professor Jacob and Professor Hannah

Professor Daniel and Professor Benjamin

Truly my kids teach me all the time.  I am learning about patience.  Humility. Service.  How to be wrong.  To speak softly.  Laugh more.   They are teaching me the importance of play.  To take time to enjoy life, and them.

I wonder what they are learning from me.

Ben’s first day of 1st grade

Ben is growing up so fast, it’s hard to believe I have a child in first grade already.  Here he is on his first day of school.

Ben LOVES to ride the bus  –  I’m glad, it means I don’t have to drive him to school 🙂

Here’s an extra picture just for fun.  I was practicing panning, without much luck – but I did take this one which is worth saving.

Hannah Turns Two!

Hannah had a great birthday!  The boys decorated the birthday chair, and I made her cupcakes with PINK frosting.  What can I say – little girls love all things pink!

She wasn’t sure how to blow out the candles, but her brothers (the experts) were happy to lend her their assistance.

MMMMM!  I tried a gluten free cake mix and it was great!

Then of course it was time for presents.  Hannah didn’t need any help opening her gifts.

Her favorite one was a bunch of jewelry from her grandparents.  She amused herself for hours putting it all on (three necklaces, and six bracelets) and then carefully taking it all off, placing it gently in the little purse it came in, zipping the purse closed and then repeating the process.  Over and over and over again.  Clark and I got her a play kitchen and some dishes and food to go with it.

Let the terrible two’s begin!