Lost in the 50’s parade

Our little town celebrates “lost in the 50’s” with a parade of classic cars and a car show.  We attended the parade for the first time this year.  The kids were sad that no one threw candy -I mean really, is there any other reason for a parade?  But they enjoyed seeing the old cars and trucks.  They were especially impressed with the car that backfired flames!  It was a fun event to take my parents to.






At the Lake

In case you haven’t noticed, my kids think all things water = FUN.  While their grandma and grandpa were here to help out after Jacob was born, everyone went to the lake.  Everyone that is, except Jacob and I.  We stayed home to rest.

The boys (big and small)  all had fun driving the model boat around the lake.

Idaho part II

Grandma spoiled us with delicious food.  She made waffles in a special waffle iron from England for breakfast one morning.  And for lunch one day we feasted on home made English Muffins

Home made English Muffins

made into a sandwiches with an egg, ham and cheese.  It was even better than it looks!

Egg sandwich