Introducing Fuffy

We held our bi-annual garage cleaning recently, and one of the things we rediscovered was a hamster cage my sister had given us a few months ago.  I brought it in to see what it looked like and was soon surrounded by two very curious boys.  “When are we going to get a hamster?”  Ben asked excitedly.  Oh.  I should have realized that if I set up a hamster cage in the house, the boys would want a hamster.  “Let’s go talk to Daddy, and see what he says”.  And off they went.  Clark go on Craig’s List, and later that afternoon we picked up a little dwarf hamster (free to a good home).  The boys were captivated!  On the way home, Ben who was holding it on his lap in a little hamster ball , says  “I think we should call her Fur”.  After some discussion he decided on the name Fluffy.


Let me tell you, Fluffy is one tough little hamster.  The next morning as I was trying to sleep in Ben came upstairs and proudly announced, “Mom!  I gave our new pet a bath!”  Twenty minutes later I hear him loudly instructing his brother, “Dan!  Don’t kick the hamster ball!”  I intervened and made a new rule pertaining to Fluffy.  Ask Mom or Dad BEFORE taking Fluffy out of her cage.  She is much happier now.