We packed a lunch and set off on a trail I’ve never hiked before!  I love exploring new trails, and this one was great!  We hiked in along a stream for 2 1/2 miles, ate, played in the water, and then hiked back out.  The kids did well – all fun and no complaining –  equals a successful outing!  Yeah!


Cooling off

So Daniel discovered a new way to cool off while we were playing at the river up Diamond Fork.  I’ll let him show you how it’s done.

First, fill your hat with water.

Water 1

Carefully lift it up, spilling as little as possible,

Water 4

Then . . . . . . .  take a great big drink?

Water 3

“Gross Daniel, we don’t drink river water!”

There!  That’s a much better idea!

Water Dan

Diamond Fork

So that wraps up the trip to California.  Sunday (Day 4) we went to church, had a little birthday party (for me!) and hit the road.  There is a reason there are no pictures of the drive back home.

We spent a Saturday afternoon exploring a canyon close to our home called Diamond Fork.

Hannah, enjoying the ride.

Backpack Hannah

Clark and Ben walking in stride.


More tomorrow!

Mini Hike

Daniel and I went for a mini hike with Yukon the other day.  It is so fun to see all the little signs of spring everywhere.  I carried Dan part of the way, and then he walked while I took pictures.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the special Mommy/Daniel time together.





Spring Hike

You will probably get sick of all of our walk/hike photos, but that’s just what we do in our family, and here’s another batch. This time the weather was almost 70 degrees, and we just couldn’t stay in. We are visiting all of our favorite spring trails in turn.

Clark the pack mule. Umm, maybe the pack daddy? Well, you know what I mean.

Ben loves to jump, and I love my new camera that can catch him air-born!!!

My handsome boys.
Sweet Hannah, happy as can be!

Danny walking down the ditch.

Family Adventure

Spring was in the air, so Saturday found us on a family hike/adventure of sorts. We followed a trail that is tucked up along the side of the mountain behind our house. The boys had a great time. First they noticed all the feces. Deer, Elk, Horse, and even a pile kindly left by Yukon were all carefully observed. The conclusion: “It’s ok to step on deer poop or elk poop, but never step in dog poop, it sticks to your shoe and stinks REALLY bad!” I politely refrained from taking any pictures of this lesson.

Once they got over the abundance of the previous subject, the animal tracks were pored over, closely followed by the discovery of a deer carcass.

This provoked much excitement and speculation about the mountain lion that killed and ate the deer. Notes were taken on exactly what parts were eaten and which were rejected.
Then the obvious question of even greater significance and concern. “WHERE is that mountain lion right now?” Ben started peering anxiously around every bush. I quickly assured him he had nothing to worry about, “Yukon will protect us” (I think….maybe?) But it made Ben feel better.

Finally a little detour straight up the mountain, and the reward, a glimpse of a herd of live deer that the mountain lion hadn’t eaten…. yet (so kind of him).

A great time was had by all.