Fun in Idaho

We always have a good time in Idaho!



Home made Icecream!

My favorite part of the trip besides climbing Table Rock, was feasting on this home-made chocolate chocolate chip ice cream!  Thanks boys for all the cranking!


Idaho part III

We spent some time at Crabapple Farm, home of Clark’s sister and her family.  This is Ben’s favorite place on earth!  He loves playing with his cousins.  – That’s why there aren’t any pictures of Ben, I couldn’t keep track of him, he was always off playing with the kids.

We loved seeing the baby goats play,


watching the milking,


and feeding.


Daniel had fun holding one of the little kids.

Dannt & Goat

We love to go to Idaho!

Idaho part II

Grandma spoiled us with delicious food.  She made waffles in a special waffle iron from England for breakfast one morning.  And for lunch one day we feasted on home made English Muffins

Home made English Muffins

made into a sandwiches with an egg, ham and cheese.  It was even better than it looks!

Egg sandwich

The New Piano

While in Idaho, I hried Mr. Bechtel to do some trucking for me. He brought us a NICE piano, a set of bunk beds, and a few small odds and ends. He returned with a queen-sized bed, an electric organ, several copies of my family history story Torpedoed! and a dozen miscellaneous trees and bushes. Sure is nice to have family that’s willing to help each other out! The piano sure looks great set up in the front room.

Idaho Trip

On Thursday, Lillie and I spontaneously decided to go to Idaho for the weekend. Everyone had a ton of fun. On Friday, we went to Sandy Downs, along with cousins Braeburn and Granny Smith. All the kids had fun jumping off the steep side of the sand dune. Ben was somewhat hesitant at first, but he quickly got the hang of it. Dan’s favorite part was sliding down the sand feet first on his belly, flipping his arms and legs like a beached sea turtle.

Saturday afternoon, the family went to Green Canyon Hot Springs, which was another hit with the kids (and parents!) Leslie came too. Daniel is a little waterbug like his brother. He’d lift his feet off the pool bottom so he was floating with his water wings, and just laugh and laugh. He also got a kick out of half running/half falling down the steps into the pool and landing in the water. Ben enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool, trying to make a splash as big as the “big boys” jumping off the diving board in the deep end. He did much better once we reminded him that he needed to plug his nose, not his ears!
In between activities, the boys played with their cousins on Crabapple farm, petting the goats, sheep, cats, etc. The weather was perfect. Only a slight breeze most of the time! Lillie took an iMovie tutorial from Braeburn, so perhaps viewers will be able to watch video of the weekend fun soon.