Day 9: Flowers

Grossmama loves flowers!  I took a few pictures of some of the ones she had while we were there.



Photographing the “M” Children

I took some pictures for a friend, doesn’t she have beautiful children?

This is the oldest, he is 3.5.

Then there is this beauty, she is almost 2.

and the new little one, just a month old.  He was a trooper!  Slept almost the entire shoot.

I love this tender moment with Mom and baby.


I am excited for spring and with it all the lovely flowers I plan on capturing with my lens.  I got tired of waiting and purchased some flower to practice with.

And last but not least, Hannah’s flower:


I’ve been looking forward to photographing the fall colors for months.

And then on the scheduled day, a friend, no kids, my camera, beautiful weather,  and the scenic Nebo loop through the mountains, I wake up sick. And throwing up.

A cold one can just medicate away – if you have to, but the stomach bug?  Doesn’t work.

So I stayed home, missed my reunion that night and I’ll admit it,

I felt sorry for myself.

The next day I felt better, so Clark and I piled the kids in the car and drove the condensed Nebo loop with the tribe.  We had fun, but as far as spectacular photo ops goes, it was a bit of a letdown.

These are the two artistic shots I took.

Artistic Fall

Artistic fall 2


Nothing to shout about.

I guess there is always next fall.

The next day


I was experimenting with the light one day, and need your opinion.  First image is in the shade, metering for the shade.  This washed out the background.  The second image is later in the day, in the sun.  Which do you prefer?