I had Ben pick a number between 1 and 12 and he picked 10! Congratulations Yohan~ I hope you enjoy your chocolate!



For my last post on my trip to Switzerland I thought I would give one very lucky person a Swiss Chocolate bar, purchased in Switzerland, and carried home with me as part of those wonderful 100lbs I hauled home.

All you have to do for a chance to win is answer this question:

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

I will use a random number selector to pick the lucky person.  Only answers in my blog comments will count – facebook comments won’t.

Good luck!

You have until July 21st at 8:00pm MT to leave your comment and be eligible to win.



Grossmama’s mind is sharp, it’s her 95 year old body that makes her life hard.  She has constant back pain, although I’d never have known it, she always had a smile on for me.

My sweet Grossmama is my inspiration.  She gets up every morning, gets dressed in a nice skirt and apron and has an apple for breakfast with a freshly squeezed orange/lemon/grapefruit drink.  While she eats her apple, she writes in her journal.

I don’t know what she writes about since from my perspective not too many exciting things happen very often, but she still writes.

Then she reads her scriptures.

Grossmama prepares the meals every day and does the dishes.  When she isn’t doing that, she works on her cards – either making them or writing in them.  She sends a hand made card to every child, grandchild, and spouse for their birthday.

When she isn’t working on cards, which isn’t very often since she even works on them when she watches TV, she quilts or knits.  And every evening Grossmama and Grosspapa play Eile Mit Viele together.

We had family prayer together every night before bed, and every evening she shows her dedication to Heavenly Father by kneeling in prayer.  She can barely get down on her knees, and barely get back up, but she kneels.  She kneels every night.   I have to admit, I would have sat while everyone else knelt.

Grossmama is so industrious.  She never just sits.  Her hands are always busy doing, making, helping, or creating.  I love her hands.  Someday I want my hands to tell a similar story of good that her hands do.

It was so hard to say goodbye.  But I am so thankful that I could say goodbye.  I am so lucky that I could be there to make these special memories.  To take a few pictures,  show and receive love,  cook together, wash dishes together, laugh together, cry together, pray together, and play together.  What a special week it was.

I may never see them again in this life but if I don’t I will be all the more excited to see them in the next!



Grosspapa doesn’t remember things anymore.  When we play Eile Mit Viele together, he has to ask which color he is before almost every turn, ” Ich bin rot gau? I guess the nice thing about not remembering is that you don’t remember that you don’t remember.

He loves to sit in his apartment, on his favorite side of the couch.  He has a few topics that he loves to expound on.  The thing is, he doesn’t remember that he has just talked to me about one of them. Several times a day, or hour, he’ll say, “I like this apartment.”  And then tell me how nice the light is, how open the floor plan, how much he enjoys the balcony, and so on.

His other favorite topic is about the man’s place in the home.  He goes on and on about how some men have a special chair, or favorite place they like to sit in their home, but he doesn’t.  He likes to sit here sometimes, or there, or there.  The funny thing is, he does have a special place!  The whole time we were there, he only sat in one spot in the living room.

Grosspapa seems to be happy, even though his short term memory is gone.  He can be really funny too – One evening I was leaving the living room and said, “Well, I guess I’ll go brush my teeth.”  He reached toward his mouth and said, “Do you want to brush mine too?”  as if to hand me his teeth!

It’s interesting how we age, he is in pretty good health – but doesn’t remember anything, and Grossmama’s mind is sharp as a tack, but her health is poor.  It’s good they can depend on each other for help.  Grossmama remembers the day of the week and their appointments, and Grosspapa can lift the pots down from the shelf in the kitchen for her.

I wonder how Clark and I will age.  I’m not sure I’d want to live to be 95 unless I was in pretty good health.

Day 10: Saying Goodbye

Monday morning we woke up early, ran down to the Coop (grocery) on the corner and bought the rest of our goodies to take home with us, chocolate, cheese, fondue, ovo sport…

We loaded everything up and said a tearful goodbye.   Grossmama waved from the balcony and Grosspapa walked us to the tram station.  I took this last picture of my sweet Grossmama as she is waving goodbye.

Each of our bags weighed 50 lbs, (and we each had two plus a backpack)  so we had a great adventure hauling them onto the tram to get to the train station in Bern,  then onto the train to Zurich, and then FINALLY to the counter at the airport,  I was so glad when they were checked and not my problem any more!

I am so glad I was able to make such precious memories.

Day 9: Eile Mit Viele

Every evening when we came back to Grosspapa and Grossmama’s house we played Eile Mit Viele together.  They have been playing this game on the same board with the same pieces for as long as I can remember.

We all looked forward to our nightly game and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to play it with them each day.

Day 9: Gruyere

Our cousins, Isabelle and Diana took us to the village of Gruyere, home of the famous cheese.   We had a picnic before touring the cheese factory,

and then we toured the castle of Gruyere.


We ended the day with dinner at Isabells, with her family.  It was fun to see her kids, and to spend the day with some of our best cousins!