“R” Family Reunion: The odds and ends

Just a few more pictures of the reunion:

The fields of daisies.

A grove of aspens

Ben playing a game on the wii

A game of table tennis

Watching family slides


“R” Family Reunion: The Moose

So there we were floating peacefully along, I was taking pictures with my super zoom lens, 70-300mm when we saw a moose in the bushes along the edge of the river.  Clark slowed the canoe so I could take some pictures, when the next thing we know the moose is charging into the river.

It was spooked by a 4 wheeler and in it’s haste to escape the loud monster behind it, it almost ran us over. Clark kept back paddling and I kept taking pictures.

The moose waded out into the middle of the river and took a drink before heading directly at J&J’s canoe.  Better paddle faster J!!!

He did and the moose climbed up the bank behind them.

It was quite the adventure!

“R” Family Reunion: Canoeing

On Friday we set out to float Big Springs.  Such a fun, relaxing, beautiful float.  We put the kids in canoes with Grandparents and cousins, so Clark and I only had Jacob.  He thought the float was great fun.  Ben was in one of the first canoes launched and we (the other 5 canoes) didn’t see his boat until the take out 3 hours later.  So no pictures of Ben, but here are the rest of us.


“R” Family Reunion: The Hike

Thursday morning we packed lunches and set out on a hike.  The scenery was spectacular and every one had a great time.

Most of the Hikers:

This is the quality of country we hiked through.  Tall mountains, sage brush and meadows of wildflowers.

Speaking of sage brush, Hannah got her first sniff of one.  What do you think, Hannah?

We stopped at our turn-around location for lunch,

And then headed back to the lodge.

Hannah rode on Clark’s shoulders some of the way back, singing the entire time “I’m riding on my namel (camel) my namel, riding on my namel….”

Ben rode the bike through the huge puddles on the way back.

“R” Family Reunion: The Lodge

We enjoy a “R” family reunion every other year.  This year we all met in Island Park, Idaho for a few days of fun.  The “W” family was in charge of the reunion and they secured this great lodge for us all to stay in.

It was absolutely perfect.  Plenty of space for all of us – something like 12 bedrooms, each sleeping 2-6.  There was even a crib for Jacob.  The table sat 20, the kitchen was a dream to cook in,

the downstairs was the perfect place for the kids (little and big) to play,

and the location satisfied my love of beauty and nature.

Spring Break

We took the kids to California for Spring Break this year.  We spent two days at the beach and three days at Disneyland before heading home.  This was our first ever Disney vacation and it was a big hit.

Hannah was enchanted by the princesses. 

Ben and Daniel were both tall enough to ride most of the rides, and young enough to think they were fun.  You won’t catch me on the Hollywood Tower of Terror again!!! –  But both of those crazy boys would have ridden it a second time in a heart beat.

Daniel and I rode Space Mountain together.  As we were leaving I looked over at the monitors to find the picture of us on the ride.  I saw myself (holding on for dear life) but a tall man was sitting in front of Danny so I couldn’t see him.  The only clue that he was in the seat next to me was a pair of little hands poking up in the air above the man’s head.

Yup.  Me, hanging on for dear life, and Daniel with both hands above his head.

The Beach

My kids love the ocean.  Our first and last day in CA were spent on the beach.  I think they thought the beach was just as much fun as Disneyland.

The kids had a great time at low tide searching the tide pools for treasures. This is what Dan found:

And Ben found a cool crab leg.

Hannah and Dan march resolutely into the cold water.

Ben loved playing tag with the surf.

And my crazy Husband waded way out into the cold water.  I of course stayed nice and dry on the beach.

Hannah played in the water too.

The kids build a magnificent sandcastle…

that the ocean claimed as it’s own.

Jacob got his first taste of the beach.

Jacob and I

It was a great Spring Break!

Fall Break

We drove to a BYU owned ranch on an oasis in the middle of a desert about an hours drive from St George.  We spent the day there with some friends of ours.  The kids got a handcart ride;

We picked pomegranates, apples, some pistachios, and had a hot-dog roast for lunch.

After lunch we played in the stream.  My kids could have played in the water for hours.  They chased little fish,  made mud channels to divert the water, and walked up stream to see what there was to see.

Little Jacob mostly hung out in his car seat.

On the way back to St. George we picked up dinner, and the kids played in the hotel pool in-between bites of their meal.  In the morning they swam again until time to check out, and then we headed home.