Launching the Day Dream

One of the things we love most about our new area of the country is the lake.  Clark took sailing classes with the sailing club last summer, loved it, and bought a boat over the winter.  My parents were here to witness and assist with the launch.  20130520-_LIL8959

Mom, keeping an eye on the kids.


The fabulous four amusing themselves on the beach while they waited for the big moment.


And the Day Dream is in the water!   Yeah!  Now we get to go sailing!  Thanks for the help Mom and Dad!



Lost in the 50’s parade

Our little town celebrates “lost in the 50’s” with a parade of classic cars and a car show.  We attended the parade for the first time this year.  The kids were sad that no one threw candy -I mean really, is there any other reason for a parade?  But they enjoyed seeing the old cars and trucks.  They were especially impressed with the car that backfired flames!  It was a fun event to take my parents to.






Cooking smores for dessert on the fire.20130112-_LIL8248We’ve roasted hot dogs for supper too. 🙂  The kids think the fire place is great.  Ben sets his army canteen in the coals and makes hot chocolate for all of them.