Jacob turns one!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Jacob was born – and that in just 12 months he has gone from this:


to this:  (admiring one of his new toys)

We had a great celebration with Jacob, the birthday song, cupcakes, and gifts.  He had a fun day!


In the Yard

Jacob loves to play outside but needs constant supervision so sometimes I bring a book out to read and sometimes I bring out my camera to play with.  This was one of the camera days.

Everyone wants to play with my reflector – even the cat!

11 month old Jacob

And a lily bud.  I love taking pictures of flowers, but I haven’t done it much this summer.

A lily in bloom,

Ten Months

Some pictures I took of Jacob back when he was still ten months old.  Can you believe he turned one yesterday?  Don’t worry,  I’ll get around to blogging about that in another month or so 🙂

When Jacob plays outside he likes to eat sticks and dirt.

Baby Food

I waited until Jacob was 6 months old to start him on solids, and just like all my other kids when they were babies, he LOVES everything I feed him.

Now why does that change?  Hannah, Daniel and Ben go to bed hungry at least once a week because they “HATE that!”  Oh well, that’s a topic for another time.

I love feeding my easy-to-please baby!  And, I love making baby food.  I think with all my babies (combined) I’ve only purchased about 10 jars of baby food.  I can’t stand that stuff, and neither can they.

Baby food is so easy to make.  I usually make a bunch of one thing, freeze it in ice cube trays and then store it in freezer bags.

Jacob has had rice and oatmeal cereal, applesauce, pears, butternut squash, and yams.

I took a few pictures when I made the pears.

I peeled, sliced, and cooked 4-5 pears

Stuck them in the blender (in two batches) adding the water they cooked in to make a nice thin puree,

Poured the puree in ice cube trays

Froze them and transferred the frozen pear cubes to a bag.  Now I take a few cubes out, thaw and warm them and baby’s meal is ready!

I like to mix things up sometimes too, pear and butternut squash are good together, so are yams and applesauce, and avocado and banana, (I don’t freeze this last combo).

Now if only feeding the rest of the family was this easy!!!